‘Mission Arogya’ really inspires- Dr. Jahidul Dewan

We have tolerated the Covid-19 epidemic a lot. Perhaps none of us have the capacity to withstand more than this. This pandemic snatched millions of people from all over the world. Some of our own were among those who died. We try to forget the sorrow of losing someone that the news of someone else’s death gives a new pain. This is what we have been seeing every day since last year. Now our mind is really tired with all this. Now everyone wants to come out of this situation. But how to come out of this, we have no such solution left. Sorry to say, but our thinking has become such that we will never be able to come out of this epidemic. We left no stone unturned on our part. We blamed the Modi Government, abused China, we did what was made of us. After all this, after losing everything, we realized that Corona is the biggest enemy of the world human society so far.

The most painful scene of the Corona era we saw with our own eyes, people were yearning to breathe. We did not have Oxygen. Perhaps our country was not ready for such a huge epidemic. Our governments cannot be blamed for that. We are third world countries. For us, education and health are at the bottom of the order. You will say, if this is the case then how did such devastation happen in a first world country like America? My answer would be this – you should see how quickly America overcame that tragic situation. Why this has not been possible in India, we should think about it.

Most of the people consider that the government is responsible for the devastation caused by the second wave of Covid in India.  Some people blame the general public for this. But the fact lies between these two arguments. Carelessness has come from both the government and the public. If truth be told, now we should leave the argument as to who is guilty and who is not. We, the common people, must take responsibility for ourselves to be harmless from this epidemic.

Here I do not want to praise anyone; I want to talk about the truth which is seen before my eyes. Apart from the government, if we talk about the organized sector, then the service of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) is continuously visible nowadays. ABVP is supposed to be the largest student organization in the world. We have seen many students’ organizations in our country, which mostly agitate to spread anarchy. Sometimes they raise the right demand in favor of the students, but the purpose of their movement is soon lost. Take the case of this corona epidemic; I did not see any student leader of other organization helping people on the streets. At the same time, the brothers & sisters of the ABVP, day and night, irrespective of their lives, are seen serving people from door to door. They are helping people reach hospitals, providing beds in ICUs, providing oxygen, and they are engaged in many such services every day. Now they have started a project called ‘Mission Arogya’, for which people are going door to door to doing Covid tests, making people wear masks, wash hands and maintain social distancing. Their beautiful slogan – ‘Corona will lose, the country will win’, really inspires. If every Indian like them understands their responsibility, Corona will not be able to weaken our country further. Let us all vow today that like the ABVP activists, we too will do our best to save our country from Corona. From today onwards, we all will follow the rules related to Covid and fulfill our responsibilities on our own.

Dr. Jahidul Dewan

(The writer has been a candidate for the post of Vice-President in JNUSU elections).



  • Priyanka Posted May 17, 2021 2:03 am

    Very nice article and mission

    • Jahidul Posted May 17, 2021 8:22 am

      Thank You

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